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Safari Park was yesterday and I’m happy with my time. I came in at 2 hours 2 minutes. Yesterday, for the first time in my whole life of running, I experienced the dreaded stomach upset. Between miles 10 and 11 I told Emily to run on and I kept a slower pace. I felt like I was going to either pass out or puke at any second and the faster I ran, the worse it got. I dropped way back, I even sat down for a second or two at one point because I was getting that feverish feeling. I was very well hydrated and my electrolytes were fine. I had done all the math and knew what I needed to function. Today, I still don’t feel well. My stomach is incredibly angry at me, I’m not hungry (if you know me, you know this is not normal) and I just feel really off. I’m going to blame the germs in the air and assume I have a small stomach bug that will pass. It was overall a great race. The parking lot exiting strategy could have been better coordinated, but I am assuming this has to do with this being the inaugural event and they’ll fix this in the future. Overall a great day that ended in a congratulatory dinner with amazing friends. My foot didn’t bother me at all yesterday or today. I’m FIXED! :)


About Heather Broach

Originally from the East Coast, Heather moved to San Diego in early 2003. Heather's favorite places to run range from Escondido to the PCT and Mission Trails. Heather loves to run half marathon and 10 mile and 10K distances but isn't shy about running a marathon. Outside of work Heather loves to cook, cycle, rock climb, camp and just be outside.

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