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Running Injuries Long Distance Frustrations

Long Distance Frustrations

Long Distance Frustrations

Long Distance Frustrations

On October 1, 2010, I gracefully endured complete fractures of the 2nd and 3rd metatarsal heads in my right foot. Since the bones were displaced, formation of callus took 2 1/2 months. I started walking just before Christmas and ran a half marathon mid March. Recently, I began increasing my mileage hoping to work up to a 50K. At around 18-20 miles, I begin feeling dull, throbbing pain in my forefoot during and after I am done running, I have pain in the lateral area of my foot (that was once broken). Doc attributes this to the fact that I supinate even more so than I ever have before, as well as my foot just not being ready for so much mileage so soon.

Even though it’s incredibly frustrating, it can be managed as long as I don’t over do it and cut back on the mileage and give myself adequate rest days. I love running trail, but the trail seems to just aggravate it even more. I ran 7 miles on trail this morning and was bothered while I can run the same distance on the road and have no adverse effects.

The easiest thing to do would be to not listen to my body and not stop when it tells me to stop. I hold great value in my body and believe that if I just give it a little longer, I will be able to run as much as I want!

run on! -h

About Heather Broach

Originally from the East Coast, Heather moved to San Diego in early 2003. Heather's favorite places to run range from Escondido to the PCT and Mission Trails. Heather loves to run half marathon and 10 mile and 10K distances but isn't shy about running a marathon. Outside of work Heather loves to cook, cycle, rock climb, camp and just be outside.

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