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You’ve seen The Stick, foam rollers and The Grid here at the store when you were here last time and you’re wondering, “Are those helpful?” From personal experience, the answer is yes! Perhaps you’re starting to feel those long runs in your training for America’s Finest City Half-Marathon (AFC).

The stick is a great answer to shin and calf pain. Especially that muscle on your shin that you can’t seem to stretch no matter what crazy position you get into. The foam roller and Grid are excellent for glute, IT pain, and piriformis.

Here at the store, when you buy the larger foam roller, you get for free a handout put together by Dr. Runco that has a suggested routine to get you started.

Since we’re all avid runners and users of both the stick and the foam roller we can give you advice and feedback on whatever pain you’re experiencing.

The idea behind foam rollers and sticks is to keep you running, of course!!!!

See you out there!

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