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I ran with the Dirt Devils this morning on a beautiful San Diego trail just off the 52. Marion Bear Park is a local San Diego trail secret. Exit the 52 at Claremont Mesa Blvd/Regents road and from the west make a quick right into the park. Now make a left onto the gravel parking area and go to the end near the bathrooms. The trail goes west and east. Take the east trail back under Claremont Mesa Blvd like we did this morning.

We had 2 new Dirt Devils with us. Welcome Jamie and Gina! Jason was out there too. He is currently training for the Oriflamme 50K and the Leadville 100. We ran the east trail making our way under Genessee and eventually turning around at the 805 freeway. We saw Hash House Harriers flour marks on the trail this morning. It was unusually warm too. On the way back we decided to take a side canyon. Biltmore Canyon takes you up and out of the canyon to Biltmore road. There were some new stone steps embedded into the ground. Evidently a Boy Scout Troupe had built them and left a sign discouraging mountain bike riders from tearing up the trail. We got back to the starting area and half of us decided to do a few more miles. It was so warm I got rid of my shirt and we headed off on the east trail towards the 5 freeway. We ran under the 52/5 overpass and into Rose Canyon before turning around and heading back to make it a 10 mile run.

This trail run will be part of the July Sidewinder 5K, 10K. The Sidewinder 5K, 10K is part of the Dirt Devil Racings summer trail series. For more information go to or check out this trail.

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    Looking for a group to train with

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    Check out the San Diego Dirt Devils and

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