Become a Running Family

//Become a Running Family

Good habits start young, and if you love running as much as we do, you likely want your little ones to share your enthusiasm for the sport. By running, you model healthy behavior for your kids—and decrease their risk of obesity and other health issues that stem from an inactive lifestyle.

So how can you encourage your reluctant kids to lace up their San Diego running shoes? Let us count the ways.

Act as an active role model.

Children will copy things they see you do day in and day out. While you may take your daily trail run for granted, it will inspire your children to lead active lifestyles since they see it as the norm.

Be active as a family.

Put an emphasis on doing activities as a family—active activities. If you have more than one child, encourage your kids to run together.

Make your family vacations active.

Purposely plan active vacations. Even if you want to take a relaxing beach vacation, break up your time in the sun with activities like runs on the beach, snorkeling and hiking.

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