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Today is the Carlsbad Half Marathon and Marathon. Once again it dodged a bullet called rain. In typical fashion it rained the day prior to the race and spoiled a newcomer to San Diego called the Diva Dash. The Diva Dash is a women’s only 5K obstacle course run put on by some outside company from Boulder Colorado. They choose one of the worst times of year to debut their event in San Diego, right in the heart of rainy season. Somehow the Carlsbad Half Marathon always seems to miss the rain. It rains the night before or the day after but always seems to miss race day. The Carlsbad Half Marathon was my first running event and it poured the night before. Come race day, not a cloud in the sky.

Next weekend is the Inaugural Wildhorse Trail Half Marathon. This event is part of a Trail Half Series put on by my company, Dirt Devil Racing. This race is going to be awesome. I am hoping it does not rain but either way it is going to be fun. The issue with rain is it may turn it into a mud run. No worries, we won’t charge any extra for the mud! Even with rain most of the trail will be fine. There is one section though…..the mud can get kinda sticky. Runners will have to make their way through the mud and over a foot bridge. They will also have to come back through the mud a second time. This will definitely be interesting. Hopefully we can get a camera crew up there.

The Wildhorse Trail Half Marathon is the first in a series of trail half marathons. The second is on April 22 and is called the Foxy Trail Half Marathon followed by June’s Cougar Trail Half Marathon (watch out for those women 35+) and will culminate in the October extravaganza called the Raptor Ridge Trail Half Marathon. All of these races have great swag, awesome trails, cool medals and shirts and post race parties that rock. The big Half Marathons like Carlsbad are fine but you need to check out smaller events like theses trail half marathons. They are limited to 300 runners and have such a great feel to them. Easy parking, beautiful trails, great aid stations, nice medals and prizes along with affordable entry fees. Next time you are looking for a race consider doing one of these.

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