Pro Triathlete Greg Billington explains the AlterG

///Pro Triathlete Greg Billington explains the AlterG

Professional Triathlete Uses Alter-G

I recently spoke with Greg Billington regarding his use of the Alerted Gravity (AlterG) Treadmill and his recovery from a serious running injury. Greg is a professional triathlete who is training to win a slot and compete in the 2016 Olympics. Greg began his running career as a cross country athlete in England and has since brought him into the Triathlon world in the USA ranked as the number 6 American and the 77th overall in the ITU World Triathlon Series rankings. Click below to see more of Greg’s extensive bio and achievements:

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Greg has suffered a number of injuries that have required extensive rest and rehabilitation including serious bouts with plantar fasciitis and plantar fascia rupture. He was recently diagnosed with a severe stress fracture in his hip and the AlterG became part of the rehabilitation process. Greg has been coming to San Diego Running Institute for roughly 4 weeks to use the AlterG because, although he has access to the single AlterG at the Olympic Training Center, it is often being used or under repair.

I sat down with Greg to chat about the AlterG, how he uses it and why he thinks it works so well:

Video: Triathlete Greg Billington & the Alter-G

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