The Best Way To Rehabilitate Cross Country Running Injuries

///The Best Way To Rehabilitate Cross Country Running Injuries

Cross country running injuries, like stress fractures and pre-stress fractures, usually require at least 4-8 weeks to heal. Once the injury has healed, there is another period of weeks or even months while the athlete works to get back to their peak, pre-injury condition. The Altered Gravity (Alter-G) treadmill is a safe, effective, and quick method for rehabilitating running injuries like those that occur in cross country running. By altering the amount of impact put on the fracture the athlete can continue to train while they recover. They may start out at only 40% of their body weight, and gradually increase to 100% of their body weight once they are fully healed. This enables them to literally hit the ground running!

6 Minute Video: Alter-G & Rehabilitating Cross Country Running Injuries

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