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  1. Use a treadmill/dreadmill – no serious runner wants to run on the dreadmill but most hotels have one and it is convenient. Try committing to a couple of miles every day just to keep some semblance of your training going.
  2. Contact a local running club – a quick Google search will find some local running clubs. Email the president and ask if it is OK to join in a run. You might also meet some friends to show you the town!
  3. Contact a local running store – most local running shops host weekday and weekend runs.
  4. Research where you are going to stay and take an adventure close by – Google maps is great for this. Pick a destination like a restaurant you saw on DDD and run there.
  5. Make a map on or ahead of time – these are great websites that you can make your own maps or just look at other maps that runners have made for the area you are in.
  6. Plan for the weather – nothing will stop you from running more than not being prepared. If you are going to be running sub-50 degrees think gloves and long sleeve.
  7. Only eat half of your Christmas plate – don’t use the holidays as an excuse to binge eat. I know when I used to go home I craved my mother’s New York Italian cooking! I know it’s hard but just eat half!
  8. Call it a night – don’t stay out too late drinking. When I go home sometimes it is easy to stay out all night partying with old friends that I rarely see drinking in our old haunts till wee hours of the morning. Don’t do it!  Give yourself a curfew and stick to it.
  9. Bring some snacks to stay away from the junk food. When you are staying with family or in a hotel it is easy to eat unhealthy food and snacks especially late at night. Bring some healthy snacks to avoid that pitfall.
  10. Choose your hotel carefully near some good runs and trails. You can choose to stay wherever you like so why not stay next to a local trail running Mecca or perhaps the city’s or towns largest park?

Here is an example of how I implemented all of the above concepts while on a recent trip to my favorite city, Las Vegas.

I was staying at New York New York on business and decided I would hit up a local National Park Red Rock Canyon. A quick Google search later I found out I was a 24 minute drive from it plus I had the option of the dreadmill at New York New York.  I was also interested in running with some locals and quickly found Red Rock Running Company  A quick scan of their calendar showed me that they did in fact host group runs weekly!…bonus!  I also figured I might hit up a local running club.  A Google search showed me this group, a group and a group called the Hash House Harriers……”Drinkers with a running problem”  Face book is also a good way to find local running shops and running groups who are usually very welcoming to visitors.

Before I left I joined  It was free and allowed me to view tons of maps posted by other runners as well as it allowing me to create my own maps!  It easy to use and free so check it out  Map my Run, Garmin Connect  and Stravva are also good resources for checking out other runners maps.

When visiting Las Vegas many people are under the false impression that is always warm.  I learned my lesson the hard way a few years back when I ran the Las Vegas Marathon in November   I can tell you that Las Vegas in November has the potential to be freezing!  Nothing ruins a run more than being cold so check out the weather before you go and plan accordingly.  While I was waiting comfortably at the starting line in my dollar store sweat jacket and gloves I watched as other runners shivered and coveted my warm clothes.  Check the weather forecast ahead of time….I like this site as they use local weather stations for prediction

I’m a foodie.  Typically while I am in Las Vegas I party like a rock star and go to as many great restaurants as I can.  I’ll also stay out late drinking and finding the perfect casino lounges with  free entertainment.  But for the weekend of the marathon I had an early dinner and retired myself back to my room and was in bed by 10 pm.  There are no shortage of great restaurants in Las Vegas……the best part was that Sunday night in Las Vegas is pretty quiet and easy to get a reservation when compared to Friday and Saturday night!  Check out the Zagat rated eateries or

As you can see Google is our friend when it comes to travelling and planning ahead.  Pick a hotel near locations you want to run.  Find runners that know the area by searching out local running clubs and running stores.  Check the weather ahead of time so that you pack the proper running gear and exert good self control when it comes to eating and drinking, especially the night before a race!  Use local websites to help you plan your trip such as and other local websites to help you plan your trip and find deals on hotels.

Happy Holidays and safe travel!

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