Sprained/Torn Plantar Plate in a Basketball Player

//Sprained/Torn Plantar Plate in a Basketball Player

I received this injury from playing basketball. My foot was in running position and while in that position someone fell on top of it (fell on top of my heel while in running position) causing it to hyperextend. My doctor diagnosed it as a metatarsal ligament sprain. It’s noticeably regressing and my doctor refuses to listen to me in a genuine manner. This is my right foot between my 3rd and 4th metatarsal which is my driving foot and I’m very active on it because I must work for a living. I’m afraid that if I get an X-Ray it will just come back negative and then my doctor will just keep disregarding it by saying it’s a sprain. I feel it getting worse and I’m starting to worry about my future. I’m only 20 years old and I have a lot of life left in me, I can’t afford to let this impact my life. Please help!


A sprain might be an accurate diagnosis but the phrase “just a sprain” is the problem as it has somehow come to minimize an injury.  The definition of a sprain is an injured ligament.  This is a serious injury as ligaments stabilize joints.  Ligament sprains are either an over stretched ligament, partially torn or ruptured from the bone(s) they attach.  You are describing a Plantar Plate tear.  This is a serious injury and can be diagnosed accurately with a proper exam and if necessary an MRI.  X-rays only show damage to the bones and will not see damage to a ligament.  This injury can be challenging to heal and often requires much more than rest.  If you send me a pictures of your feet looking down on them while sitting and standing (I am looking to see if there is any difference between the injured and non-injured side) and a picture with a mark on the painful spot as well include anything you tried thus far that helped or hurt, any PT done etc I can easily help you with a phone consultation (unless you want to come visit us in San Diego).  Afterward I will be able to provide you with an effective treatment plan which is included in the cost of the consultation.

  1. New patient exam at our Sports injury clinic in Kearney Mesa, San Diego.  You can call to schedule an appointment at 858-268-8525.  The cost is $167 for the exam and then $69 for any necessary treatment(s) the cost of which may be covered in part or in entirety by insurance.
  2. A home based therapy program.  This includes a list of any necessary home therapy products you will need for rehab plus a video tutorial of me showing you step-by-step instruction of the rehabilitative stretches, strengthening exercises, massage tools, the do’s-and-dont’s of returning to physical activity and a follow up email where you can ask any follow up questions regarding your case.  The cost for this is $69.
  3. A phone consultation.  You send me the requested pictures and the treatments tried and any other necessary information relevant to your condition.  After our phone consultation I will send you a written treatment plan with specific instructions so that you may go to a doctor or therapist of your choice to implement it.  The cost for this is $167.  This is not covered by insurance and you can schedule it by calling 858-268-8525 or by replying to this email


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