Coach Riley

Riley coaches runners from 10k to 50 mile distances. You can ask him any running related questions here. Riley strives to create the most customized plan as possible based on each runners individual strengths and weaknesses, no cookie cutter plans here. Visit his profile on Dirt Devil Racing to find out how you can access your customized training plan today.

Coach Riley Says:

I have run since high school and college while earning a degree in Kinesiology (The Study of Movement).  Now I coach and train runners for San Diego Running Institute and Dirt Devil Racing.  In my spare time I train for Ultra-Marathons.  This year I have already run the Oriflamme Canyon 50k 4:42:00 and plan on running the PCT 50 Mile Endurance Run on May 10th…hopefully breaking 8 hours!    I also head up a runners boot camp at various parks around San Diego.  If you want to come check it out email me at