How to Fix Morton’s Neuroma in a Few Simple Steps

Morton’s Neuroma is caused by misaligned metatarsal bones compress the nerve between your toes causing pain and/or numbness.  The pain can get progressively worse with narrow shoes, high heels, walking, hiking and running.

Remove the Aggravating Variables to Fix Morton’s Neuroma

You must take steps to remove and reverse the things that are aggravating your Neuroma.

  1. Get shoes with a wide toe box.
  2. Stop wearing high heeled shoes
  3. Decrease your walking, hiking or running routine
  4. Learn to tie your shoes differently to decrease pressure on the metatarsal bones
  5. Place Morton’s Neuroma Pads/Metatarsal Pads in the correct location on your existing insoles or custom orthotics

Get Shoes with a Wide Toe Box to Fix Morton’s Neuroma

Shoes that are narrow will cause your metatarsal bones to be squeezed together which in turn will put pressure on your Morton’s Neuroma.  Invest in shoes that either come in a wide version or naturally have a wide toe box.  We have found the brand Altra to work the best.

Stop Wearing High Heels to Fix Morton’s Neuroma

If you are a women and are wearing high heeled shoes with a narrow toe box you are aggravating your Morton’s Neuroma.  The narrow toe box is squeezing your metatarsal bones together which in turn is compressing the Neuroma.  In addition the heel is elevated which in turn transfers most of your weight to the ball of your foot.  This is also aggravating your Neuroma.  We have found shoes that have a wide toe box, low or “0” heel to toe ration and lots of forefoot cushioning to be best for Morton’s Neuroma.  The brand Altra works best.

Decrease your Walking, Hiking or Running Routine to Fix Morton’s Neuroma

It may be necessary to modify your exercise program while the swelling in your Morton’s Neuroma goes down.  Since every case is different it is difficult to say how long this may need to be done but logic and common sense would dictate that a few weeks would be necessary.  However, I have seen in many instances when a expertly placed Neuroma Pad is combined with a wide shoe symptoms dramatically reduced and normal exercise programs resumed almost immediately.

Learn to Tie your Shoes Differently to Fix Morton’s Neuroma

You can easily learn to tie your shoes differently to allow more room in the toe box.  Shoe eyelets are not mandatory and there are many ways to skip particular eyelets which will reduce pressure on the metatarsals.  This is a nice website that shows you how to lace your shoes in many different ways Shoe Lace Tying

Using Metatarsal/Neuroma Pads to Fix Morton’s Neuroma

A Morton’s Neuroma is caused by misalignment of the metatarsal bones. That causes compression of the nerve between your metatarsals and toes. Properly placing a Metatarsal/Neuroma pad will will lift and spread the metatarsal bones and help restore normal alignment.  Restoring normal alignment will take the pressure and pinching from the nerve an alleviate the symptoms.  Neuroma/Metatarsal pads come in many sizes and varieties.  They should be customized for the size of your foot and body weight.


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