Achilles TendonopathyAchilles Tendonopathy also called Achilles Tendonosis is a tendon degeneration disorder. It is common in runners and other athletes. The condition is not understood by most and is very confusing to the patient. The Achilles tendon has poor regenerative capability which is why Achilles tendonitis can turn into Achilles Tendonopathy.

Achilles Tendonopathy is characterized by disorganized collagen fibers (scar tissue) and irregular cellularity (abnormal tissue). Put simply, tendonopathy results in abnormal weak and painful scar tissue. Inflammation is not present in this chronic condition which is why things like antiinflammatories and ice are ineffective. There are no “quick fixes” for Achilles Tendonopathy but there is hope. A long term stretching and eccentric strengthening program has been show in the sports medical research to be effective. However, it is a long term endeavor and requires the patient to be dutiful, diligent and consistent with the program. There are also effective treatments that can be employed to slowly break down the scar tissue and help the new tissue be made in a strong and organized manner.


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