Follow these simple steps to order your custom metatarsal pads (met-pads).  The met-pads lifts are $25 per pair plus shipping and will typically ship less than a week following receipt of your payment.


Email with your

  1. Shoe size and type (running shoe, dress shoe, cleat, etc.)
  2. Body weight
  3. The area pain in your metatarsal region (2-3 toes, 3-4th toes, 4-5th toes)
  4. Specify how many pairs of met-pads you want to purchase and any special instructions or questions.

Within 24 hours of your email an electronic invoice will be sent to you.  Upon receipt of payment your met-pads will be made and ship within a week.

Please read below if you have questions about what causes metatarsal pain or the difference between specific types of metatarsal pads.


What is Metatarsalgia?

Metatarsalgia is a broad term used to describe pain the ball of the foot. The word “metatarsalgia” literally means “pain in the foot bones”. “Meta” means “metatarsal” (bones that make up your foot) and “algia” means pain. A metatarsalgia diagnosis can be frustrating, because you are usually already aware that you have foot pain!  Common causes of metatarsalgia are plantar plate tear/sprain, Morton’s Neuroma, stress fracture and bone marrow edema.

Metatarsal Pads can help Metatarsalgia

Pain in the ball of the foot is often diagnosed as metatarsalgia

How do I fix Metatarsalgia?  Do I need surgery?

Surgery is not normally used to correct metatarsalgia.  There are a few methods that are used but the most common are lifts called metatarsal pads (met-pads) that is worn on the insole of your shoe.  The met-pad has the effect of raising and supporting the painful area thus removing the pressure.  There are many types of metatarsal pads available over-the-counter most of which are clumsy, uncomfortable and painful. For reasons that are described below soft, low-profile and small metatarsal pads are more comfortable and therefore more effective.

Metatarsal pads help Metatarsalgia

met pads come in many heights, densities and sizes. If not sized correctly they can be uncomfortable and cause more pain

Do I need Metatarsal Pads to Correct my Metatarsalgia?

Whether or not metatarsal pads will be effective for your metatarsalgia will depend on your diagnosis and what is causing your pain.  However, metatarsal pads are very effective in simple cases of metatarsalgia, plantar plate injuries, bone bruises and Morton’s Neuroma.  Met-pads are a simple and easy to use “first step” intervention that are inexpensive with little to no risk or side effect.  The most important thing to remember is that the metatarsal pad must be precisely placed (millimeters matter), not be intrusive and must be comfortable to be effective.  If you have tried met-pads in the past and experienced more pain or they were uncomfortable then most likely the met-pad was either too hard, too high or not placed properly.

If you have tried met-pads in the past and they were painful they were most likely not placed properly, too hard or too high.

How do I purchase Metatarsal Pads?

San Diego Running Institute makes custom met-pads based on your body weight and your shoe type and size.  This is important to ensure comfort and fit as well as effectiveness.  Pairs of met-pads are $25 plus shipping.  It is recommended that you purchase a pair of metatarsal pads for each shoe you plan to wear or at the minimum one pair of met-pads for your sport shoes and one for your most commonly worn dress shoe.  Follow these simple steps to order your metatarsal pads.  The met-pads will typically ship less than a week following receipt of your payment.