How Do you Fix Capsulitis

There are many treatment options available to fix Capsulitis.  Some are less effective than others.  Some are more conservative than others and still some are more expensive than others.

To Fix Capsulitis Remove the Aggravating Variable

The first thing to do is remove the variable that is either causing your pain or contributing to it.  For example; if running is irritating it and you keep running on it will worsen and may lead to permanent damage to the joint capsule ligament.  Another example would be high heels.  If high heels are aggravating your Capsulitis then you must stop wearing them.

Fix Capsulitis

Pain in the ball of the foot is often diagnosed as metatarsalgia

Do I have to Rest to Fix Capulitis

Rest from activity, especially those activities that require running and/or jumping.  If you are on your feet at work and this is aggravating it it may be necessary to take time off or request a modified job position until you heal.  No amount of ice or Ibuprofen will help if you continue to not rest and aggravate your Capsulitis.

Heels can aggravateCapsultiis

Do you work in heels?

Will Crutches Fix Capsulitis

It may be necessary to be non-weight bearing for a period of time.  This will usually be dictated by the severity of the Capsulitis.  Crutches are cheap and effective.