Silence Your Injury and Pain with Anti-Gravity Treadmill Rehabilitation


Anti-Gravity Treadmill rehabilitation is the most modern and amazing advance in rehabilitation and can be used to rehab many orthopedic and neurological conditions.  If you have questions about the AlterG email or to schedule an appointment call 858-268-8525 or TEXT 858-322-8581

Who SHOULD use the Alter-G?

AlterG Anti-Gravity TreadmillAthletes, weekend warriors, post surgery, hip and knee replacements and those just looking to preserve their joints can benefit from the AlterG technology.  If the runner or athlete is injured and running is painful typically these athletes are sidelined or benched.  For long distance runners this usually means they will not achieve their goal.  Now, with the AlterG technology injured runners and athletes can continue to run and maintain their cardiovascular fitness and muscle mass while at the same time return to sport sooner and less de-conditioned.

  • Allows adjustable impact while walking or running.  We simply adjust the AlterG to take a percent of your body weight away thus making you lighter with the same associated percent decrease taken away from your muscles, bones and joints  You will be amazed as the pain just…disappears!
  • Allows for gradual progression of exercise.  Some injuries or joint replacements can mean a long road to recovery…not anymore!  With the AlterG we can start you on the road to recovery sooner and scientifically progress you forward by gradually adding a percent of your body weight back as your body strengthens and adapts.
  • Minimizes impact and torsion forces that can lead to injury.  Runners who want to increase their mileage but minimize their risk of injury can now do so with the AlterG technology.  Even older runners who have decreased their mileage or stopped running altogether can run pain-free on the AlterG!

How does the Alter-G work?

Using NASA patented Differential Air Pressure technology and clinically supervised by a Doctor, the AlterG “unweights” you by as much as 80% of your current body weight (adjustable in 1% increments). This uniquely adjustable process allows the user to walk or run pain free in a comfortable and stable environment.

  • A computer precisely reduces ground reaction forces 1% at a time
  • Decreases discomfort and encourages normal biomechanics
  • Generates a safe and stable environment to work on technique
  • Allows for increase training volume with less impact and ground reaction forces

Can I use the same equipment the pros use…

but at a fraction of the cost?

AlterG Anti-Gravity TreadmillThe AlterG has revolutionized rehabilitation techniques in walking and running sports. Elite athletes and runners have benefited from this technology for years and now you can too!  From world class marathoners to the LA Lakers, the Chicago Bears to the Boston Red Sox, trainers and sports medicine professionals use the AlterG to get out-of-this-world results.  Nothing is like the AlterG.  Pool running, bungee cords and other devices used to “unweight” a person are things of the past.  The AlterG does not simulate walking and running, it is walking and running, you just weigh less.

How Much Does it Cost to Run on the AlterG?

Individual sessions and Packages are available in 30 and 60-minute increments.  A single half hour session is only $30 while a 1 hour session is $60.  For a runner this is an amazing deal! A visit to a doctor, massage therapist, personal trainer or physical therapist would cost between $75-$150 and may require multiple visits and will probably not get you back to running any sooner.  Now your rehab for your running injury can be……running!  Why do lame “grandma” exercises or be miserable on a exercise bike when you can run WHILE YOUR BODY IS REPAIRING!  As you improve we add weight back onto you using the amazing AlterG technology so that by the time you are 100% you have lost no running strength or cardio.  Here is an example.  You are diagnosed with a stress fracture and told you can not run for 6 weeks.  You start running on the AlterG week 2 of your injury at 50% your body weight.  Between week 2-3 your stress fracture heals 10%.  During week 3 we add 10% to your body weight allowing you to run at 60% of your current body weight.  Between weeks 3-4 your bone heals another 10%.  During week 4 we increase your body weight on the AlterG another 10% allowing you to run at 70% of your body weight.  Between weeks 4-5 your bone continues to heal another 10% so we add another 10% on allowing you to run at 80% your body weight.  Between weeks 4-5 your bone improvesd another 10%.  This allows us to increase your body weight to 90% as you run during week 5.  Between weeks 5-6 your stress fracture is close to being healed.  Your last week on the AlterG we adjust your body weight back to 100%.  You run without pain and also the confidence that your fracture is healed.  You ran the entire time all the while gradually increasing your body weight as your fracture healed.  Not only did you maintain your cardio but none of your running muscles atrophied……you could literally go run a half marathon the following week.

1/2 hour session     = $30                     1 hour double session     = $60

You can prepay if you plan on doing multiple session. This will save you time at the checkout process.

Call the San Diego Running & Sports Injury Clinic today to schedule your AlterG session(s).  858-268-8525

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Who can use SDRI’s AlterG?

The San Diego Running & Sports Injury Clinic’s AlterG anti-gravity treadmill is available to:

  1. Dr. Allens patients. By appointment only.
  2. Patrons of the San Diego Running & Sports Injury Clinic (SDRI) by appointment only.
  3.  Available if the potential user/patient has a valid prescription (with diagnosis) from their existing doctor. The script must be an original, including the physicians name, phone number, fax, and license number.  This can be faxed to SDRI at 858-268-8526 directly from your medical facility of choice just by calling your doctor and having their office fax it.
  4. For non-injured athletes and runners who want to use the Alter-G,