What is a Gait Analysis

San Diego Running & Sports Injury Clinic now offers the most sophisticated and valuable gait analysis for those interested in preventing injury. The in-depth analysis is performed conveniently at our state of the art facility and will provide you with immediate feedback and information that will help you avoid injury and improve performance.

At the San Diego Running & Sports Injury Clinic the Computerized Gait Analysis is performed and accompanied by a series of other tests that will provide valuable information immediately.

What can I Expect at my Gait Analysis Appointment

  1. Navicular Drop Test: This clinical test is a predictor of rear foot pronation and provides insight into general foot strength and flexibility.
  1. Arch Scan: This test helps to categorize your foot shape, arch type and arch flexibility.
  2. Weight: An accurate body weight is taken to help determine how much or how little support is needed in your shoes.
  3. Synchronized, Bilateral Weight Scales: You will stand on 2 scales that are calibrated together to determine how symmetrical you distribute your body weight. This test helps to shed light on reasons why someone might experience pain or injury only on one side of their body as well as identify compensation.
  4. Computerized Gait Analysis: You will be recorded running on our treadmill with up to 3 different trials being recorded (if necessary). We can record and analyze you with and without your orthotics or if you prefer we can compare you running in up to 2 different types of shoes. Runners always want to know what type of shoe they need. Our gait analysis equipment provides immediate feedback and allows runners for the first time to see themselves running as others do. The gait analysis allows runners to not only choose the appropriate shoe but also to make changes to their running form that may help them improve performance and decrease their risk of injury.

    Computerized gait analysis can help prevent injury and improve form

Common Conditions Gait Analysis can be used for

Iliotibial Band Syndrome Heel Pain
Sciatica ITB Syndrome
Runner’s Knee Plantar Plate Sprains
Plantar Fascitis Piriformis Syndrome
Metatarsalgia Patellar Tendinitis
Achilles Tendinitis, Bursitis & Tendonopathy Shin Splints (Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome)
MCL & LCL Injuries Meniscus Tears
Ankle Sprains Calf and Hamstring Strains
Leg Length Discrepancy Ischial Bursitis
Mortons Neuroma Hamstring Tendonopathy

How do I schedule an Appointment for my Gait Analysis

To schedule an appointment call: 858-268-8525 or email info@sdri.net. Make sure to bring the shoes you would like to be videotaped in, any orthotics you would like to be videotaped walking or running in, shorts and a sports bra if you are female.

A computerized gait analysis is not meant to replace a diagnosis by a doctor and in no way provides a diagnosis of why you are getting your running injury.

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