We love hearing from our clients! Here are some of our favorites.

“Dr. Allen was amazing . . . AlterG Treadmill was great . . . I just ran the Boston Marathon!”

~DeAnna L.

“It has totally changed my life! . . . Best Money I’ve ever spent . . . as I’m able to run now!”

~Tracie B.


I have to say that YOU are the reason I am signing up for the Dirt Devil Racing series. I visited you back in 2011 for a mysterious and debilitating pain that ended up being a correct diagnosis of micro tears in my soleus. The exercises, warm ups, and care you prescribed were the reason I was able to complete my training for the 2012 Big Sur marathon and the reason I was able to complete the race (my first)!!! I couldn’t be more appreciative of the information and confidence you gave me that made it possible for me to continue running. I’m so glad I didn’t visit my primary care doctor (that doesn’t run), or worse yet – give up!

Now I have the confidence to move from the black top to the dirt and push forward to someday sign up for my first dirt marathon (a dream of mine).

Happy healthy running to you – see ya in the dirt!!!

Cameron V.

To Dr. Allen: Ankle healed 100 percent! You are the best! Thank you!

Janet A.*

I am so grateful for your diagnosis, help and guidance!


I’m so excited to share with you that I finished my first half Ironman!!! I am not overly excited about my run time, however, I am ecstatic to report that I was able to finish the half marathon part of the race without stressing about reinjuring or doing further damage to my femur!

Race day dawned with anxiety and excitement! The swim was cold but awesome! I expected about 2000ft of elevation gain on the bike but someone, somewhere had a ‘broke’ GPS unit because we ended up climbing more than 3200ft!!

That same ‘broke’ GPS unit said we would only climb 400ft on the run but we climbed over 1300ft! Having not run for over 3 months and facing hill after hill, lets just say it was difficult :). I walked up the hills and ran down the other side, walk/ran the 3/3 on the flats and just had fun out there..

I woke up the next morning barely able to walk! The muscle soreness in my legs was incredible. I have really tried to pinpoint where the pain is, might take a few more day for it to subside a bit more, but I don’t believe it’s coming from the femur area.

I am so grateful for your diagnosis, help and guidance! I’m pretty sure all the other doctors would still be “fixing” my ITBand and back issues ;0). Your explanations were easy for me to follow and understand. Your advice for getting back on the run has helped tremendously! Not a THANK YOU big enough to give you but thank you anyway.

Do I consider my leg fully healed and jump right back into the running? Should I continue to do the run/walk? And if so for how long? Should i come back in to see you? I’m a little uncertain how to continue forward, any advice or guidance you can give would be very welcome.

Thank you for everything!
Heather H.

From the minute you meet him, you know he is a doctor that cares about his patients!

As a dispatcher, I have had neck and shoulder problems for years. During this time I have gone to other chiropractors all of whom did “crack” adjustments. My pain rarely went away and I was told it was because I did not come 3 times a week or take a multitude of vitamins they sell. Then I saw Dr. Allen and was amazed at my experience. I love walking in for an appointment and the fact that the office staff knows everyone by name. It makes you feel special! Dr. Allen builds a climate of trust right off the bat. He is very thorough in his explanation of what is happening to your body. He treats with heat and stem to relax the area prior to working on it. If there is a day I am in pain, all I have to do is call and he will always try to get you in. From the minute you meet him, you know he is a doctor that cares about his patients! I highly recommend him to anyone looking a a chiropractor!

Nancy A.

Thank You!

I came into your office in September, and you really helped me with the problems I was having with my left foot. I could barely walk, let alone run. It is so much better now, and I am so grateful for your help and expertise. You made me some orthotics, told me to stretch every waking hour, and said It would take about 2 months for it to heal. You were exactly right! Two months later, I was back out running 3 days a week, and almost 3 months later I’m up to 10 miles again on my long runs, and getting ready for the Wild Horse Half. My daughter also came in with some back issues, and is doing better too, and feels like she has some solutions. Thanks for what you do, I feel so grateful to have found you!

Sue L.

Dr. Allen completely personalized his treatment and prescription of therapy for me based on my lifestyle and activities.

I have been treated by Dr. Allen for the last two years or so for various injuries, and every time I saw him he had me back to 100% within 2-3 visits depending on the injury. The fact that he treated me for my injury in only 2-3 visits is incredible considering previous chiropractors had me coming back every other day for weeks, and still didn’t have me completely healed. From my personal experience, Dr. Allen completely personalized his treatment and prescription of therapy for me based on my lifestyle and activities. Which lets me know that he treats every one of his patients individually and puts tremendous effort into each one of his patients. From the first time he treated me I have been extremely comfortable with Dr. Allen, and he has made himself available to me whenever I have needed him. I am not usually the type to write a review about someone, but I know how difficult and frustrating it is to find a good DC who can understand your injury and get you back to 100% as soon as possible. Dr. Allen has