Do I Need to Carry and Replace Electrolytes During Long Distance Running?

I interviewed Josh Sprague, ultra endurance athlete and owner of Orange Mud Orange Mud makes innovative Hydration Packs as well as other performance products endurance athletes love. What is your background and why did you decide to start Orange Mud? On the work side my previous career was in the me [...]

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  Most runners are aware of the importance of hydration during workouts. However most are unaware of the exact specifications of how proper hydration affects processes in the body as well as performance during races/workouts. An increased sweat rate will pull water, sodium, potassium and calcium fro [...]

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Amphipod- running, race and adventure gear

I love my Amphipod RunLite Air-Stretch Hydration Belt.  I carry two of the 10.5 oz water bottles on my belt and this goes a long way.  I mostly use it on my long training runs and one of the best benefits is the freedom it allows you.  You don’t have to go out before hand to hide water on your route [...]

Review: Fluid Performance Drink

Fluid performance drink is a good way to sustain your energy and hydration while running. because it contains a dule source of carbohydrates, bioavalible electrolytes and vitamin C creating an all natural and easy to digest sport drink that's low in sugar and light in flavor making fluid performan [...]

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Review: Ultimate Direction Wink

While the majority of my runs are under 15 miles, I usually can get away with just a hand held water bottle. But for my longer trail runs, I usually use a back pack that can carry 2 liters of water. My favorite is the Ultimate Direction Wink, a back pack with storage galore. The Wink is a woman-sp [...]

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Training through Summertime

Lacing up your San Diego trail running shoes can be difficult when the temperatures are soaring, especially during an unusually humid summer like this one. But training during the summertime can pay off when the temps cool down. Read our tips for successful training while it’s still summertime: Hydr [...]

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Don’t Be Beat by the Heat

We didn’t get much of a summer in San Diego last year—June gloom lingered for months after it was welcome—but things are much different this year. While the sunshine and heat is ideal for heading to the beach, it can make trailing running events in San Diego more challenging than usual. Read our tip [...]

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