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Runners Knee

A 30-something year old male came to me complaining of bilateral knee pain while running.  He explained that he was training for his first Rock and Roll Half Marathon and had never done this before.  He said that so far he had lost 40 lbs!  His knees began having pain "all over and inside" during hi [...]

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Merrell Barefoot Shoes

The days of the Vibram Five Fingers are done.  I used to hear "Have you read Born to Run" every day.   In that fictitious book there was a character called barefoot Ted that ran an ultra marathon in Vibram Five Finger shoes.  Yes I said shoes.  He did not run barefoot but in a shoe designed for sail [...]

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Barefoot Running Injuries

Do shoes cause injury?  Does running barefoot or in Vibram Five Finger shoes prevent injury?  How about minimalist running shoes?  These are all hot topics in today's running world.  Hardly a run goes by that I do not overhear runners debating the advantages or disadvantages or barefoot style runnin [...]

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Knee Pain and Running

Knee pain is the most common pain that affects and limits long distance runners.  Often runners go to their primary care doctor who proclaims "stop running, it's bad for you."  Seriously doc, you got anything else?  Running is not bad for you or your knees.  Everyone should be able to run a little w [...]

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Natural Running, Barefoot Running and Minimalist Shoes

I remember the days not so long ago when every runner proclaimed they needed motion control shoes. Customers used to come into my store explaining that they "over-" and needed "more stability". Evidently no one overpronates any more. Instead of stability the answer is minimalist. "Do you have the toe shoes", customers ask. "I heard they make you run better". It would not be so frustrating except the same shoe companies that convinced you that stability was your friend and that motion control was the answer to all of your running woes are now touting the benefits of minimalist running shoes. They are all jumping on the bandwagon and trying to get in on the "barefoot" running craze. By the way very few runners are running barefoot.

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Born to Run….in Minimalist Shoes?

The world of running shoes is changing.  For years shoe companies and podiatrists shoved stability and motion control shoes down our throats promising us that these heavy cushioned clunkers would solve all of our running problems.  Got knee pain, here, where this motion control monster and your prob [...]

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Racing Tips

Whether you’re running in the Sidewinder 5K in July or are training for the strenuous Stairway to Heaven 15K in August, you’ll need to make sure you have the right shoes. Lucky for you, we’re trail running shoe experts in San Diego, and we’re also armed with tons of race day tips: Think in minutes, [...]

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