New – Mizuno Wave Rider 16!

  The new Mizuno Wave Rider 16 has arrived.  It might seem almost impossible to improve an already outstanding running shoe, but Mizuno has managed to do just that. The Rider 16 delivers the same awesome ride that the Wave Rider is known for, but now weighs less than 10 oz and has a new and imp [...]

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Mizuno Wave Rider 15

The Mizuno Wave Rider 15 is the first Mizuno shoe I have ever owned, but I can tell you it will not be the last.  It took me a long time to give Mizunos a chance, and I have been surprisingly pleased with the Wave Rider. The Wave Rider was one of the original Mizuno shoes to put their patented award [...]

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Review: Mizuno Wave Elixir 6

This shoe is amazing! I put it on and immediately fell in love with it. The wave plate at the mid foot has been flattened creating a less intrusive feel, while keeping the toe box wide and the heel snug. The cushioning feels ever so slightly softer making this shoe comfortable at all times. The bi [...]

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Review: Mizuno Wave Creation 12

The new Wave Creation is totally new and we love everything about it. The forefoot has been softened and the toe box widened. The lining on the upper at the toe box has also been softened. The lacing has also been slightly updated with some critically placed eyelets that create a more snug fit at [...]

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Review: Mizuno Wave Rider 14

Mizuno is known for always making shoes we, as dedicated runners, can rely on. The new Rider has made a change and it is for the best, in our opinion! Mizuno’s overall goal is to give a smooth ride to as many people as possible. The new Rider has a slightly narrower toe box, yet the overlays are p [...]

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Review: Mizuno Wave Rider 14

The Mizuno Wave Rider will update to the Wave Rider 14 in spring 2011. The Rider has been the anchor to the Mizuno running line since I have been in the running business.  Mizuno swears they improved it, but I do not see how it is possible for a great shoe to get any better.  It is only 10.6 ounce [...]

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Do I Need Trail Shoes?

This is a question I get frequently from people that are either new to running or have been running for a while but want to give trail running a try. This is simple question with a simple answer...as long as you don't want details: No! You do not NEED trail shoes to run on trails. However, you may w [...]

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