Review: Montrail Rogue Racer

Long story short – a very tough shoe, without all the extra weight. The Montrail Rogue Racer is first off, a very comfy and a very sleek-looking shoe. The bright blue of the women's shoe immediately attracts the eye. And the men's shoe is looks rather suave and classy. But this shoe is more than i [...]

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PCT 50 and Ultramarathon Training

During a training run last week a stump jumped out and smacked my big toe......hard. I immediately knew Iwas not walking this one off. I ran back to the car in alot of pain. By that afternoon I was limping and the toe was throbbing. The next morning a visit to the foot surgeon was in order. She used a white hot needle to pierce my toenail in order to allow the built up pressure behind the toenail out. The smell of burnt flesh filled the room as I felt the searing pain in my toe. We both decided that it was probably not broken but that at least a week off running was in order.

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Review: Montrail Rogue Racer

The Montrail Rogue Racer is a nice addition to the Montrail lineup. What I did not realize is that it can definetly be used as a road/trail hybrid. Due to its great cushioning system it can also be worn by medium to larger size guys (170-190 lbs) and gals (130-150) who are experienced and efficient runners. The toe box is roomy too so you guys with wider feet will probably like it too.

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Review: Montrail Badrock

The Montrail Badrock is a lightweight trail running shoe featuring Montrail's new FluidPost technology.  FluidPost is a new technology that adapts to the degree of  pronation. FluidPost will provide support for all types of runners by providing neutral cushioning, as well as firmer midfoot support w [...]

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Review: Montrail Rockridge

The Montrail Rockridge is a lightweight trail shoe that provides a breathable upper, a trail shield aiding in forefoot protection from rocks, and a gryptonite outsole.  The main difference between the Rockridge and the newer Badrock (to be released in Spring 2011) is in the fit. The Rockridge has [...]

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Review: Montrail Mountain Masochist

The Mountain Masochist is a little lighter than the Rockridge and also provides a little more medial posting for arch support and pronation control.  The webbing and strap closure of the upper also provides support and stability on aggressive, unstable terrain.  With Gryptonite outsole technology, [...]

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Review: Montrail Rouge Racer

Montrail joins the ranks of shoe companies looking to make lower profile, lightweight minimalist shoes.  The Montrail Rouge racer is a great addition to the Montrail ranks.  If you are a trail runner and understand the need for protection, yet still want 'less shoe" than try the Rouge Racer.  It p [...]

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New Trail Shoes are In!

We've recently added some new trail shoes to our arsenal here at the shop and I'm stoked about them so I wanted to share it with you. We've brought in some new trail running shoes from Montrail, Inov-8 and Brooks. Take a look! Montrail Rockridge Montrail Mountain Masochist Inov-8 Roclite 295 Inov-8 [...]

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