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“Choosing the Right Brand of Athletic Tape / Kinesiotape”……

  Proper Taping = Proper healing “Choosing the Right Brand of Athletic Tape / Kinesiotape” There are many different types of sports tape/ kinesiotape on the market today.  Years ago “White Athletic Tape” was the gold standard in the athletic training world.  As of recently, that tape had been repl [...]

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Trail of the Week/T.O.W July 20, 2014 Brought to you by Dirt Devil Racing

Noble Canyon is part of the Noble Canyon 50K and SD 100 Mile Endurance Run Map: Start your run in Pine Valley off Pine Creek Road at the Noble Canyon trail head.  This trail will bring you all the way to 5500 feet at Sunrise H [...]

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Iiotibial Band Syndrome

I examined a young female runner yesterday.  It seems at the Chicago Marathon the outside of her knee started getting extremely painful at mile 20.  It was severe enough that she went to the medical tent.  They could not help her so she sucked it up, crushed the last 6 miles and qualified for Boston [...]

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Zenzah Leg Compression

Zenzah leg Compression sleeves are great for someone who wants support for both the calf and shin. They are very comfortable,wick away moisture and are ultra- breathable. Leg compression sleeves provide increase circulation and increase oxygen blood flow for increased performance. They also come in [...]

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Leg Length Discrepency and Knee Pain

I examined a young female triathlete yesterday.  She complained of years of knee pain.  She had been to doctors, had MRI's (negative), been through months of physical therapy (no help) and to a chiropractor who took X-rays of her back and told her she was crooked.  The Chiropractor told her her hip [...]

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Sunday Run at Lake Hodges

Yesterday, Paul and I ran on the west side of Lake Hodges. I ran 8 miles and Paul did the full half marathon course where Dirt Devil Racing holds their annual half marathon in April. I had to cut my run short because I had lots of homework waiting for me. I always find time to run though! The lake i [...]

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Chilly Running Days

I usually run to Lake Hodges and then run around in there and then run back home. I've been noticing it's getting colder so I've been wearing layers on my top half. The other day, however, I made it down to Lake Hodges and thought for sure my legs were going to freeze off. I will definitely start we [...]

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