Do I Need to Carry and Replace Electrolytes During Long Distance Running?

I interviewed Josh Sprague, ultra endurance athlete and owner of Orange Mud Orange Mud makes innovative Hydration Packs as well as other performance products endurance athletes love. What is your background and why did you decide to start Orange Mud? On the work side my previous career was in the me [...]

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Are you Average?  Can you improve by 1%?

Can you improve by 1%? I used to pose this question to my anatomy students the first day of the semester. After taking roll I would instruct the students, "Raise your hand if you consider yourself to be average".  Out of an entire class of 40-60 students I might see a random hand or two raised.  " [...]

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Trail of the Week August 30th

Potato Chip Rock   Poway Potato Chip Rock Run (Option…do it on a full moon)   You begin this run from Blue Sky Ecological Reserve, which is located off Espola Rd. in Poway. There is a good size parking lot located here. The first 1¼ miles are relatively flat and actually quite shaded so [...]

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How to Properly Incorporate Speed-Work into your Training Plan.

Speed-Work makes you a Superhero   Summer running for me normally means it is the time that I start to incorporate more speed work to help hone speed and prepare me for the fall ultra running season. The difference between a long 3-hour “slog” in the mountains or longer road run and speed work is [...]

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Is Vomiting a good sign after a race or hard effort?

                I remember growing up my dad told me stories of how he was watching the 1996 Olympic Marathon Trials on T.V. Bob Kempainen a runner (who ended up winning) starting vomiting at the 22 mile mark, this continued for two miles before he composed himself and ended up winning.   [...]

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Signs you may be running too much and Overtraining!

Obviously NOT Overtrained              For many runners living in the U.S.A winter is transitioning to spring. This means ditch the treadmill maintenance running and run outside. Lucky for us warm weather climates like “San Diego” provide year round summer training, with multiple races under our b [...]

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How to Taper Properly For Your Next Race!

             Most people sign up for a race with a good amount of time to train in advance. They are excited to train (hopefully), but as the race gets closer and closer they get more nervous (naturally) and then before you know it, you are only two weeks out from your event and ready for the d [...]

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Training/Running While Sick? Good idea or bad idea?

  It is no secret that the early year flu epidemic has hit the San Diego area. I have caught it and everyone around me seems to have caught it as well. It is also no secret that most runners feel a little bit guilty having to take more than a day off of running. So when a sickness causes us to miss [...]

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Trail Runners Boot-Camp

Each year we see a trend of methods or formats for working out and gaining strength increase. In past years the popularity of boot-camp style, higher intensity workouts, seems to be what people have been gravitating towards.   In doing research you can find many boot-camps that involve circuit [...]