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2015 PCT 50 and the Merrell All Out Peak Trail Shoe

I woke up at 3:00 am the morning of the PCT 50 Mile Ultramarathon and decided to break one of the oldest rules in long distance running. I wore a brand new pair of shoes, right out of the box. A completely untested, never used pair of Merrell shoes that have just been introduced to the market. I rem [...]

Review: Brooks Cascadia 7

Cascadia 6 is currently my favorite trail running shoe. That being said I am extremely excited about the Cascadia 7 that will be coming out February 1, 2012. Brooks was getting feedback about the outsole wear, because of this they replaced the circular saw lugs with a more durable configuration. O [...]

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Review: Saucony Peregrine

The Saucony Peregrine is the trail runner's answer to the minimalist movement. At only 8.2 ounces and a 4 millimeter heel drop, this shoe is light, flexible and flat.  Since my high, rigid arches really like a dense cushion, I am actually not a big minimalist fan. But these Peregrines actually hav [...]

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Trail Running Safety

It’s no secret that at SDRI, we’re crazy about San Diego trail running events, training and trail runners shoes, but we also know that it order to enjoy the sport, there are certain safety measures that are important. Read a few below before hitting the trails on your next run. When embarking on a t [...]

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New Balance 101 Trail Shoe and Similar Minimalist Trail Shoes

I really do not like New Balance running shoes. They look old, outdated and feel "clunky". That's why I resisted bringing the New Balance 101 into the San Diego Running Institute inventory. Then, after seeing enough runners out there on the trails sporting the 101 I decided to give New Balance a chance again. I brought in the new and very light 805, the 101 and the Trail Minimus. Today I compared the 101 to other minimal trail shoes. The Saucony Peregrine, Merrell Trail Glove and the Montrail Rogue Racer. Here are my thoughts;

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Tackling Your First 10K

Due to our gorgeous weather, San Diego trail running events are year-round. At San Diego Running, we’re nuts about trailing running, but we know that attempting your first 10K trail run can intimidating—and we want to help. The first thing you need to know is that because you have been running roads [...]

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Racing Tips

Whether you’re running in the Sidewinder 5K in July or are training for the strenuous Stairway to Heaven 15K in August, you’ll need to make sure you have the right shoes. Lucky for you, we’re trail running shoe experts in San Diego, and we’re also armed with tons of race day tips: Think in minutes, [...]

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