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2015 PCT 50 and the Merrell All Out Peak Trail Shoe

I woke up at 3:00 am the morning of the PCT 50 Mile Ultramarathon and decided to break one of the oldest rules in long distance running. I wore a brand new pair of shoes, right out of the box. A completely untested, never used pair of Merrell shoes that have just been introduced to the market. I rem [...]

2015 Trail Racing

2015 Dirt Devil Racing Season The 2015 race season is upon us!  I am pleased to announce that our kickoff race, Foxy Half Marathon and 5K is open for registration The Foxy Half Marathon is the first [...]

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Wildhorse Trail Half Marathon and 10K 2014

Last chance for the Wildhorse Half Marathon or 10K early bird is February 28th! Check out the 5 minute video of the 2013 Wildhorse Half Marathon  Do you have what it takes? Wildhorse Trail Half Marathon and 10K 2014 is brought to you by Dirt Devil Racing ww [...]

Run the Lower Pacific Crest Trail (PCT)

Trail of the Week/T.O.W Brought to you by Dirt Devil Racing Start your 13-14 mile run at Boulder Oaks Campground off of Old Highway 8 and head out and up on the PCT.  The PCT is a single track trail that goes from Mexico to Canada with minimal turns a [...]

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T.O.W trail of the Week December 17th brought to you by   Start your run at the Tecolote Golf course and take the path down the right side of the club house, through the hole in the fence and up the embankment. Follow the trail to your right and take it all the way up to Boys street.  Take a left on Boyd to Mt. Acadia and make a [...]

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The North Face Endurance Challenge 50-mile Race Report

December 7th, 2013 a day I will always remember as the day I made the foray into the 50-mile race distance. In 6 short years the North Face Endurance Challenge Championships in Marin County have been known as the premier end of year ultra marathon events. As 2012 showed us it has also been known for [...]

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