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Trail of the Week/T.O.W July 20, 2014 Brought to you by Dirt Devil Racing

Noble Canyon is part of the Noble Canyon 50K and SD 100 Mile Endurance Run Map: Start your run in Pine Valley off Pine Creek Road at the Noble Canyon trail head.  This trail will bring you all the way to 5500 feet at Sunrise H [...]

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Merrell Mix Master Tuff

Since the advent of minimalist shoes one of my go to trail shoes has been the Merrell Mix Master.  The shoe has held up very well considering San Diego’s arid and rocky terrain.  As with many other San Diego trail runners who went “minimalist” I have come to respect the jagged rocks of San Diego’s L [...]

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Race Review: Coyote 5K & 10K Trail Race

  The Coyote 5K and 10K is the kickoff for the Dirt Devil Grand Slam Summer Beer Series. The race is in Tecolote Canyon Natural Park right in the heart of San Diego.  The field was limited to a total of 115 runners in the 10K and 185 in the 5K.  Only 5K runners are eligible for the Dirt Devil [...]

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Race Review: Cougar Half Marathon

Sunday June 10, 2012 was the Cougar Half Marathon on the San Pasqual Trail in Escondido, San Diego. The San Pasqual trail is part of the Sea to Crest trail that connects Del Mar to Mt. Vulcan near Julian, CA. The trail is mostly flat for the first 4 miles before ascending 350 ft. over Cougar Mount [...]

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Trail Running Safety

I was out for a typical short 5 mile trail run this morning.  Because it was a short run I did not wear my backpack, bring my cell phone, keys or even a hand-bottle with water.  I ducked into Tecolote Canyon behind the dentist office and pounded down the steep slope towards the creek.  I was listeni [...]

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Wildhorse Trail Half Marathon

The Wildhorse Trail Half Marathon is only weeks away and is SOLD OUT! This promises to be a great race with lots of awesome swag including sweatshirt hoodies with race logo, custom medals with race logo, beanies with race logo and cool window decals for your car with the race logo and 13.1.

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San Diego Trail Running

We are very lucky in San Diego. We have great weather, beaches and awesome trails for running, hiking and biking. Most cities do not have so much open space so close. We do. We have trails within 5 minutes of anywhere you live in San Diego. Some are better than others but still, we have them. Some of the best kept trail secrets are the canyons of Clairmont. Known as the Tri-Canyons, Tecolote Canyon is a trail runners dream. The main canyon found at the end of Seaworld Drive/Tecolote Rd. provides 8-10 miles of jeep road, single track, rolling terrain and stream crossings

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Otay Lakes Wildhorse Trail Half Marathon

Nestled deep in the Chula Vista area is a well hidden trail secret. Otay Lakes is right next to the Olympic Training Center and provides trail runners a unique experience compared to most other San Diego trail runs. It’s flat! Normally San Diego trail are hilly due to the nature of the canyons. Rarely can a trail runner gallop along for miles without encountering a gluteal busting hill. In Otay Lakes you can give your hamstrings and Glutes a rest. The mostly single track trail provides lake views, tree cover and well groomed lakeside trail.

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