Incorporating More “Vertical” into your Training Program

 Runners often ask me about hill running and how many hills are appropriate in their individual training plan. My first answer is look at the terrain of your goal race. If you are running the San Diego Trail 50 Mile Race which incorporates about 3,500ft total elevation gain, there is no real need fo [...]

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Why You Should Run 100 Mile Ultra Solo

Running Without a Pacer I ran the San Diego 100 for the first time in 2010.  I really did not know what I was getting myself into.  The only reason I was doing it was because a couple of guys I normally run with were doing it.  I figured I would tag along and document their pain.  I really did not e [...]

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Running 100 mile Ultramarathon

Two years ago I got hypothermia at the San Diego 100 Mile Ultramarathon.  It was 1am and I had already run 73 miles.  The temperature had started that day around 80 degrees.  We were at 6000 feet of elevation in the Laguna Mountains and i felt like I was ready to conquer the world.  The first 25 mil [...]

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Pacific Crest Trail 50 Mile Endurance Run 2011 (PCT 50)

It was my 5th PCT 50 in 5 years. I was under trained and had gorged myself on Mountain Mikes Pizza with Tom and Stephen the night before. Standing at the familiar starting line I wondered how my body would perform. Last year I ran 10:18 and felt pretty good. But last year I used the PCT 50 as a training run for the San Diego 100. This year, due to personal reasons my training was sorely lacking. The race started and the familiar climb from 3000 feet to 6000 feet of elevation began. I tried to stay with Tom but he was too fast. It was not long before Stephen passed me by too. My stomach was not cooperating and it was only mile 5! It was going to be a long, long day.

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PCT 50 Ultramarathon May 14, 2011

When you near the finish you can see Highwaya 8 as you descend the long switchbacks. It seems like forever until you finally get to the bottom and run under Highway 8. At this point I am almost home. Getting the the finish of the PCT is anticlimatic. John says "good job" and hands you a medal. No marching band or models in bikini's....just a buch a tired ultrarunners drinking beer. What a great day it is going to be.

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PCT 50 and Ultramarathon Training

During a training run last week a stump jumped out and smacked my big toe......hard. I immediately knew Iwas not walking this one off. I ran back to the car in alot of pain. By that afternoon I was limping and the toe was throbbing. The next morning a visit to the foot surgeon was in order. She used a white hot needle to pierce my toenail in order to allow the built up pressure behind the toenail out. The smell of burnt flesh filled the room as I felt the searing pain in my toe. We both decided that it was probably not broken but that at least a week off running was in order.

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San Diego Ultramarathon Training

The Oriflamme 50K starts on Sunrise Highway and eventually drops down Oriflamme Canyon to the desert floor. Runners make their way through Box Canyon before reaching the turnaround point and making their way back. The way back is painful. You know you have to get back up the hill in Oriflamme Canyon. At the finish there is food and beer for all with most of the finishers cheering each runner as they come in. After Oriflamme is the Leona Divide 50 miler, PCT 50 Miler and then............we'll see.

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