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High Hamstring Tendonosis (HHT)

I have seen many cases of High Hamstring Tendonosis (HHT) over the years.  Most patients have presented with  a similar set of symptoms. Symptoms High Hamstring Tendonosis Pain while sitting Pain while running, biking or rowing Increased pain while running faster Increased pain while running uphill [...]

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Hamstring Tear from Chronic Overuse Tendonosis

One of the more common injuries I see in runners are chronic high hamstring tearing that results in HHT or High Hamstring Tendonosis at the attachment on the Ischial Tuberosity.  It is challenging for runners to understand how this happened and why it got progressively worse over time.  This article [...]

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How to Rehab a High Hamstring Injury

My son has had High Hamstring Injury starting in October during football season.  He is able to work through it, but when he sprints, he says he feels it the most and it is annoying.  He is going into baseball season and I don't want him to hurt worse. Thanks for giving us the idea of eccentric lift [...]

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