My doctor told me my knee pain is due to my overpronation.  He did not explain what overpronation means or how it could be causing my knee pain.  My questions are; If I overpronate then what is normal?  Why is overpronation bad for my knee?  How do orthotics help correct my overpronation?

The below picture demonstrates either

underpronation (far right picture)​ – this measurement would be less than 180 degrees

Neutral (middle picture) –  this measurement would be equal to 180 degrees

Overpronation (Left picture) – would be greater than 180 degrees

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An orthotic is used to correct overpronation

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which in turn reduces shearing forces and torque at the ankles, knees and hips that act negatively during repetitive movements like running

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A molded orthotic and a custom orthotic are not the same thing.  A molded orthotic is simply a mold of your foot.  It DOES NOT counteract any of the excessive pronation and is made only for comfort.  A custom orthotic begins with a mold of your foot (for comfort) and is then engineered to counteract negative torque and shearing forces.

At San Diego Running & Sports Injury Clinic we take the molds of your feet ourselves in house.  We then physically make it ourselves in our own Orthotic Lab.  Built in the cost of the orthotic, $427, is included as many modifications as is necessary to ensure comfort and effectiveness.

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1 Pair New Orthotics     $427

2 pairs for only                $750  

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