Do I have Ischial Bursitis?

I watched your YouTube video about ischial bursitis symptoms and "SITS" bone pain. What you described is exactly what I have been experiencing for the past five months. I have been dealing with lower back discomfort for over a year, but the ischial pain started mid-summer and I cannot exactly pinpoi [...]

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What Causes Butt Pain/Gluteal Pain?

Pain in the butt/Gluteal pain is common in long distance runners as well as in the non-running population.  When a patient presents complaining of pain in their butt/Gluteal pain it is extremely important to do a thorough exam and rule out any and all other possibilities.  There are usually 6 possib [...]

How to Rehab a High Hamstring Injury

My son has had High Hamstring Injury starting in October during football season.  He is able to work through it, but when he sprints, he says he feels it the most and it is annoying.  He is going into baseball season and I don't want him to hurt worse. Thanks for giving us the idea of eccentric lift [...]

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