How to Diagnose Piriformis Syndrome

In all cases of diagnosing any injury or condition you have to 1. listen to the patients presenting symptoms and history and after come up with a checklist of the top 5-6 things they COULD have 2. Through a series of orthopedic/neurological/provocative testing eliminate conditions one at a time for  [...]

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Do I have Ischial Bursitis? What do I do?

I watched your YouTube video about ischial bursitis symptoms and "SITS" bone pain. What you described is exactly what I have been experiencing for the past five months. I have been dealing with lower back discomfort for over a year, but the ischial pain started mid-summer and I cannot exactly pinpoi [...]

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Ischial Bursitis

Ischial Bursitis Ischial Bursitis is a painful inflammatory condition that results in a deep aching sensation in the runners involved hip.  The Ischial Bursa is a fluid filled sac that attempts to prevent friction between the Gluteus Maximus and the Ischial Tuberosity (SITS bone).  This condition ha [...]

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Sciatica or Piriformis Syndrome

It happened again last night.  A very pleasant woman came to my clinic having severe symptoms of right buttock pain that radiated into her hamstring.  She had consulted multiple doctors including an orthopedic and a neurologist who had performed x-rays and MRI's of her back thinking she had sciatica [...]

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Running Injuries and Butt pain/Piriformis Syndrome?

Not a day goes by that Ido not see a runner with severe butt pain. Often the condition is misdiagnosed as either Sciatica, Piriformis Syndrome or Bursitis. It is not that it is never one of these but much more often than not it is Gluteus Medius muscle strain. In runners Gluteus Medius muscle strain is far more prevalent than any of the other conditions. The Gluteus medius is one of three Gluteal muscles that work to stabilize your hip joint and sacroiliac joint. The Gluteus medius is crucial during the landing phase of gait. When your foot strikes the ground and you are putting all of your weight on one leg the Gluteus Medius on that side contracts to stabilize the hip and give you balance and support. The problem? Your foot impacts the ground up to 2000x per mile. That is 2000 Gluteus Medius contractions per mile! Try doing 2000 biceps curls and see what your biceps feels like!

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