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How to Diagnose Stress Fractures

Stress Fractures are common in runners, especially young female runners. Recently a 15 year old competitive cross country runner presented to our clinic complaining of pain that started in her hip and would sometimes radiate down towards her knee.  She expressed that it [...]

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Rehabilitation of an Irish Dancer with Stress Fractures Many patients, doctors and therapists think the Altered Gravity Treadmill (AlterG) is only for runners.  The AlterG is for anyone that has suffered a stress injury and wants to train while their body is healing.  The AlterG is the best k ept secret in modern rehabilitat [...]

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5th Metatarsal Pain in a Long Distance Runner. Stress Fracture or Muscle Strain?

Hey Doc I need your Help! I am an avid, competitive runner. I developed pin point pain right on my 5th metatarsal. I could no longer run because I had pain on the lateral portion of my foot. The doctor suspected a stress fracture, put me in a boot and sent me for an MRI. I got the report back and me [...]

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Stress Fracture in an Experienced Ultrarunner (me)

Stress fractures are a common occurrence in runners.  Typically it is seen in newer runners or in runners that increase their weekly mileage too quickly.  I recently experienced a stress fracture in my lower left shin (tibia) after an extended break from running even though I have 10 years of contin [...]

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