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Tenosynovitis causing Metatarsalgia

Dr. Runco please help! I had an MRI which shows mild 2nd toe flexor tenosynovitis and "no fracture line identified." Tenosynovitis is a from of Metatarsalagia The podiatrist said I have a stress fracture. Your helpful video said the treatment is the same though, so that is comforting. A boot to th [...]

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Surgically Shortening Toes for Metatarsalgia is Barbaric!

Barbaric surgeries can ruin your feet and your life   Dr Doctor. I would really appreciate if you could answer a quick question for me. I had a hallux rigidus operation performed on my big toe 12 months ago. Over the last few months pain has started in the base of my second and third toe whic [...]

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Transfer Pain and Metatarsalgia

Pain in the metatarsal region is often under-diagnosed or mis-diagnosed.  There are many things responsible for "Metatarsalgia" and by simply receiving a diagnosis of "Metatarsalgia" you are being under or mis-diagnosed.  Metatarsalgia means "Pain in the Metatarsals".  It does not tell you where the [...]

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Metatarsalgia, fat pad atrophy, plantar plate sprains, morton’s neuroma, synovitis and casulitis

Another podiatrist told me the pads under the balls of my feet wear out from old age, and cannot be replaced or repaired. Once they're gone, orthotics is the only thing that can help. Is this accurate?"   Signed, “Depressed and Decomposing”   It is true that as we age things, everything, i [...]

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Do You Know What Metatarsalgia is Doc?

It happens frequently.  In my early years of practice I thought I was either crazy or had somehow misunderstood information I was taught and read while in college.  Now after 12 years of treating running injuries coupled with reading hundreds of medical research studies I realize that in fact I am q [...]

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Morton’s Neuroma……Not!

A women presented to my clinic yesterday complaining of metatarsal pain that has lasted 10 years!  She has had multiple surgeries including removing one of the nerves in her foot!!  The pain has still persisted.  She found that if she wears a rocker bottom shoe the pain is a little better but she ca [...]

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