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Overpronation and Knee Pain?

My doctor told me my knee pain is due to my overpronation.  He did not explain what overpronation means or how it could be causing my knee pain.  My questions are; If I overpronate then what is normal?  Why is overpronation bad for my knee?  How do orthotics help correct my overpronation? The below [...]

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What is Runners Knee or Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS)?

What is it?  Runners Knee or Patella Femoral pain Syndrome (PFPS) is a common diagnosis given to runners suffering from pain in the front of their knee that is sharp and stabbing when they run.  It generally begins later in a run and quickly progresses to the point that it prevents running at all.  [...]

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Custom Orthotics, Biomechanics, Overpronation and Running Injuries

Custom orthotics also known as custom insoles or even custom foot beds are commonly prescribed and used in the treatment of running and other athletic injuries involving the lower extremity.  Your lower extremity consists of your hip, thigh, knee, leg, calf, ankle and foot.  Custom insoles can be us [...]

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“Choosing the Right Brand of Athletic Tape / Kinesiotape”……

  Proper Taping = Proper healing “Choosing the Right Brand of Athletic Tape / Kinesiotape” There are many different types of sports tape/ kinesiotape on the market today.  Years ago “White Athletic Tape” was the gold standard in the athletic training world.  As of recently, that tape had been repl [...]

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Biomechanics of Chondromalacia, Patella Femoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS) and Patella Tracking Errors

A patient recently asked “Hi I'm Santiago, an avid runner. I've done a few of your trail runs (which were awesome) and i follow dirt devils on face book and I have to say its awesome reading all the informative things you post. Thanks for that. I'm a Palm Springs native and so far all doctors are no [...]

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Hip and Knee pain after Running

Hip and knee pain are common in runners.  When mild pain and discomfort turns to severe pain and pain AFTER running a bigger problem might be developing.  Runners often minimize their painful issue until it blows up on them. A patient recently asked, “After I run, I have pain in left hip and left kn [...]

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Is Leg Length Inequality Normal?

A patient recently asked "What kind of effects can a leg-length discrepancy have on running and walking? How would you treat it?"  I am told by patients on a regular basis that their well intentioned but ignorant doctor told them “having one leg longer than the other is normal, everyone has that”.  [...]

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