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Altered Gravity Treadmill (AlterG) Rehabilitation

How does Altered Gravity Technology actually work? Use the AlterG to return to normal running How does a 735,000 lb plane take off and fly?  The answer is lift!  In a similar way that air flows under a plane's wings allowing it to fly the Altered Gravity Treadmill (AlterG) computer provides air to [...]

Top 10 Truths about Running that Might Surprise You

  How do I prevent Running Injuries?   Running injuries have long been associated with biomechanical factors such as excessive impact forces and excessive pronation.  Recently, many so called experts have made a giant leap of faith and proclaimed that heel-toe running has more impact for [...]

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Custom Orthotics, Biomechanics, Overpronation and Running Injuries

Custom orthotics also known as custom insoles or even custom foot beds are commonly prescribed and used in the treatment of running and other athletic injuries involving the lower extremity.  Your lower extremity consists of your hip, thigh, knee, leg, calf, ankle and foot.  Custom insoles can be us [...]

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Tennis Leg, Medial Gastrocnemius Syndrome or Torn Medial Gastrocnemius

The Plantaris tendon travels just beneath the Gastroc I have been treating calf injuries in runners for 16 years.  I thought I had seen it all, in addition to the usual suspects like Achilles tendonitis and tendonosis I have successfully treated ruptured Achilles tendons, Soleus tendonosis and Hag [...]

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Stress Fracture in an Experienced Ultrarunner (me)

Stress fractures are a common occurrence in runners.  Typically it is seen in newer runners or in runners that increase their weekly mileage too quickly.  I recently experienced a stress fracture in my lower left shin (tibia) after an extended break from running even though I have 10 years of contin [...]

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“Choosing the Right Brand of Athletic Tape / Kinesiotape”……

  Proper Taping = Proper healing “Choosing the Right Brand of Athletic Tape / Kinesiotape” There are many different types of sports tape/ kinesiotape on the market today.  Years ago “White Athletic Tape” was the gold standard in the athletic training world.  As of recently, that tape had been repl [...]

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The New and Improved Way to Rehab Running and Sports Related Injuries

Announcing the Next Step in the Evolution of Rehabilitation The Pro 200 at San Diego Running Institute Eliminate pain, rehab faster while you run on the AlterG Over three-quarters of all NFL and NBA teams use the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill.  The coaches and trainers of the top teams around the [...]

Dr. Runco Quoted in the San Diego Union Tribune

The San Diego Union Tribune recently called upon Dr. Runco, of the San Diego Running Institute, for his expertise on two different sports and health related issue. He was quoted in both articles; the first addressed often misdiagnosed Achilles injuries and the second focused on the risks of dehydrat [...]

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