Top 10 Truths about Running that Might Surprise You

  How do I prevent Running Injuries?   Running injuries have long been associated with biomechanical factors such as excessive impact forces and excessive pronation.  Recently, many so called experts have made a giant leap of faith and proclaimed that heel-toe running has more impact for [...]

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History and Origins of Stretching

  In trying to research and find a sole person or group of people who founded or invented stretching one only comes up with groups of people back in time that first discovered how to improve muscle elasticity and range of motion through stretching. Stretching before and after sports and activit [...]

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  I would find it very difficult to find someone, young or old in society today that has not done some sort of stretching activity. It has been engrained in society ever since the Ancient Romans of the B.C. days, something that has stood the test of time and still remains popular today as a tool to [...]

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To Stretch or not to Stretch

  As a sports medicine physician who specializes in the treatment of predominately running and swimming related injuries I am constantly asked the question, “Doc, should I be stretching this”, or a patient will state “I have been stretching and stretching and it’s not getting better”.  It is underst [...]

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Chronic Plantar Fasciitis

A good friend was suffering from Plantar Fasciitis.  He did not want to come see me because I was not on his insurance plan.  I get it.  He was seeing what in my opinion are incompetent doctors.  I was advising him “on the side” anyway and really did not like the way his foot doctor was headed.  The [...]

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