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Custom Orthotics, Biomechanics, Overpronation and Running Injuries

Custom orthotics also known as custom insoles or even custom foot beds are commonly prescribed and used in the treatment of running and other athletic injuries involving the lower extremity.  Your lower extremity consists of your hip, thigh, knee, leg, calf, ankle and foot.  Custom insoles can be us [...]

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Running Injuries and Custom Orthotics

Hi Deb, I am truly sorry to hear about your situation.  I too have been sidelined by running injuries from time to time and there is nothing more frustrating.  You asked a very insightful questions.  I added my response in red bold. Hi! I am recovering from many running injuries -seems it is always [...]

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Foot Pain and Flat Feet

Surgery for Flat Feet? I had the pleasure of meeting a young man last night.  He was the last patient of the evening and my staff had “squeezed” him in at the end of the night (“squeezing” him in equates to a late dinner for me).  He had a long and horrific history dating back to an initial foot sur [...]

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