Hey Doc I need your help.  Everytime I start a running program I develop pain on the inside of my shins.  It always gets worse and I have to stop running.  My doctor and physio are stumped.  Now I have started to try anything because I am so desperate.  Please help!

signed “Sammy the Shin”

I doubt any healing technique, massage, chiropractic or physical therapy will help the condition you describe.  Typically, when someone only has the issue while they run their pain is related in some way to an INTERNAL VARIABLE.  Internal Variables are

  1. Knock-knees or Bow-legs
  2. Flat feet or very high arches
  3. Overpronation or underpronation
  4. An old unrehabilitated injury
  5. Running form

In order to make the pain stop as you begin to run more the internal variable must be addressed.  Usually the most effective way is custom shoe orthotics.  Some people have told me they have already tried that and they did not work.  It is possible that the orthotic was not built correctly for the individual and then must be modified.

Internal variables cannot be fixed or corrected by healing techniques because history has already told you that if you simply stop running your body heals itself and the pain goes away.  But, as you begin to run again the abnormal forces from your internal variable build up and the process starts all over again.  Custom orthotics can alter these forces and reduce the pressure on your shins…..if they are built to be:

Comfortable – if they are not comfortable you will not wear them

Practical – if they do not fit in your shoes you will not be able to wear them

Effective – they must first be comfortable and practical in order to be effective.  Sometimes orthotics must undergo a couple of adjustments to “dial in” the effectiveness. For this to work both the patient and doctor making them must be patient.

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