Metatarsalgia and Mortons Neuroma

Here is a real email I recently received from a patient in another state who reached out to me because his doctor want to operate on him even though he admits he does not know what is causing the patients symptoms.  But before you read the email take a minute and read the below paragraph as it perta [...]

What is Sesamoiditis?

What is Sesamoiditis? There are 2 sesamoid bones beneath your big toe.  These 2 bones function as a lever so that you can generate more force when you push off your toe as in running.  The sesamoids are attached to the flexor tendons in your foot.  These tendons transmit force which allows you to pr [...]

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Torn Plantar Plate and Stress Fractures from Soccer Injury

Plantar Plate tears are an often overlooked and misdiagnosed sports injury.  We assume competence in our doctors ability to critically think and accurately diagnose are condition.  In this case not only did the doctor misdiagnose the torn plantar plate but missed 2 stress fractures in this patients [...]

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