Hey Dr. Allen
I Am 22 years old and an avid runner. I thought I’d have chronic foot and toe pain forever– it got worse and worse over time.  Had a Doctor diagnose it as a plantar plate tear. Pain getting worse each day. Pain never really changes. Some doctors are telling me surgery. Please tell me there are other answers if the surgery doesn’t work!!!
From your description you may Have 1 on the following conditions:
1. Mortons Neuroma
2. Plantar Plate Sprain/Tear
3. Capsulitis
4. Metatarsalgia
5. Stress Fracture
It is unfortunate that you have had no resolution of your pain. This implies that either the therapy was not successful or that the diagnosis was incorrect OR you have an overlapping condition. Either way there should be an answer.
If you could provide me with a few things I will be able to help you via a phone consult. The cost of this is $236 and afterwards I will provide you with a detailed plan. Can you email me;
1. Provide me with any x-ray or MRI reports. I do not need the actual images just the reports
2. Take a picture of your feet looking down at them while sitting and then again standing
3. Mark the Painful spot and take a picture of those
4. Send me a chronological list of when the pain started, what if any therapies you did either at home or at a therapy office. This would include such things as orthotics, icing, stretching, injections etc culminating in the surgery
5. What if any shoes are better or worse. Take a picture of those for me
6. Pictures of any orthotics or braces or pads you used or currently use
After I receive all of this I will contact you via email to set up the phone consultation. It will take approximately 1/2 hour and as I said following our call I will send you a very detailed plan on how to start healing this painful condition.
I have helped hundreds of people overcome this problem many time before.

Plantar plates can tear due to repetitive use such as running or overstretching which can happen in sport or even in yoga.

stretched plantar plate





Here is an illustration showing why your toe will deviate with a plantar plate tear

collateral ligament tear toe





Here is what a damaged plantar plate toe looks like looking down at your feet. Notice the deviation of the right second toe towards the big toe even though it is taped.

Notice the second toe deviating towards the big toe

Notice the second toe deviating towards the big toe