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Dr. Runco help! My foot hurts and my doctors are incompetent!

Dr. Runco, I have had pain in 2nd inter-digital space/metatarsal head for almost two years now. I have bunions outside both my little toes and currently run in Altra shoes to accommodate the space needed. The pain ebbs and flows as I decrease/increase my mileage. Currently I can run around 6 miles b [...]

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I wouldn’t recommend it if……….

Doc I have had this foot injury for a year and it's not getting any better.  In fact, it might be getting worse.  I tried resting it (not really), let some knucklehead podiatrist convince me to inject it with cortisone (which I now know was actually destructive to the ligament), iced it until my foo [...]

Metatarsalgia, Morton’s Neuroma and Surgery

Metatarsalgia can be caused by many diagnosis. Metatarsalgia and Morton's Neuroma Here is a real email I recently received from a patient in another state who reached out to me because his doctor want to operate on him even though he admits he does not know what is causing the patients symptoms.  [...]

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What is a plantar plate tear? How do I know if I have one? The metatarsal pads the doctor gave me hurt worse than the injury! I tried PRP it did not work! My doctor is recommending a cast, do I need that?

What is a plantar plate tear?  How do I know if I have one?  The metatarsal pads the doctor gave me hurt worse than the injury!  I tried PRP it did not work!  My doctor is recommending a cast, do I need that? What is a plantar plate tear?   A plantar plate is a ligament.  Ligaments connect bone to b [...]

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“Choosing the Right Brand of Athletic Tape / Kinesiotape”……

  Proper Taping = Proper healing “Choosing the Right Brand of Athletic Tape / Kinesiotape” There are many different types of sports tape/ kinesiotape on the market today.  Years ago “White Athletic Tape” was the gold standard in the athletic training world.  As of recently, that tape had been repl [...]

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Plantar Plate Tear, Cortisone,Ice and Ibuprofen

Plantar Plate sprains are commonly misdiagnosed and mismanaged by doctors that are either inexperienced, incompetent or simply do not care to take the extra steps to help the patient.  Plantar Plate tears/sprains are most often misdiagnosed as Morton's Neuroma which results in mismanagement of the c [...]

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Plantar Plate Tear….Why is it so Confusing to Doctors?

End Stage of a torn Plantar Plate viewed by X-ray I recently interviewed a new patient who had a 3 month history of pain in the ball of her foot near where the second toe meets the foot.   In anatomy speak we call this the Metatarsal region.  She struggled with this pain and eventually saw a podia [...]

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Plantar Plate Tear and How Many Doctor’s do More Harm than Good

 Screwing Metatarsalgia = Plantar Plate Sprain it Up  Hi Dr. Runco - I am writing because I have a plantar plate injury. I live in Rochester, NY & before flying out to San Diego, I am wondering if you would do a phone consultation with me.  The pain in the ball of my left foot came on suddenly [...]

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