Plantar Plate sprains are commonly misdiagnosed and mismanaged by doctors that are either inexperienced, incompetent or simply do not care to take the extra steps to help the patient.  Plantar Plate tears/sprains are most often misdiagnosed as Morton’s Neuroma which results in mismanagement of the condition and thus worsening of it.  This is problematic because the plantar plate is crucial to standing, walking and running.  If not detected early the condition can worsen resulting in foot deformity, intense pain, inability to exercise, depression and surgery.  For those of you who think surgery is not so bad please talk to patients who went in for “routine surgery” only to have it botched or worse contract an infection that resulted in amputation!  There is no such thing as routine surgery and in my opinion the specific surgery for  a plantar plate tear is barbaric.  Please read the letter below and if you or someone you know has this or a similar condition have them email me at or call my office at 858-268-8525 to schedule an appointment.

Hey Doc I need your help!!!

Greetings from Hong Kong where I live (though I’m originally from the Boston area).

I found your site re plantar plate tear/sprain excellent and I’ll be calling your office on Monday for an appointment.  I’ve been getting the medical run around that you describe well for four months with regard to what I can see now from your website is a plantar plate tear/sprain:

damaged plantar plates result in pain and joint instability

So that you understand exactly what a sprain is Joe….a sprained ligament is another way of saying a torn ligament.  Sprains can be minimal, mild, moderate or severe.  Since the plantar plate is in your foot and is a weight bearing ligament it is unfortunate that you have been essentially making it worse for 4 months!

  •  The UK trained podiatrist I went to at the outset was lazy (you’re pronating.  Here’s an off the shelf orthotic.  Come back in six months)

I do not understand the podiatric obsession with the term “pronating” and how it relates to injury…..especially this injury.  I am sorry you encountered this lazy doctor.