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Running Injuries Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles TendonitesAchilles tendonitis is a common running injury. It can be related to the runner having tight calf muscles, having high foot arches, doing speed training or hill repeats. The runner will describe pain that occurs behind their ankle near where the achilles tendon attaches to their heel bone. The pain usually gets progressively worse with speed or distance and can prevent one from running. Runners will usually describe a scenario where they iced and took anti-inflammatory medication combined with stretching but the achilles pain has gradually worsened. Sometimes the runner not only has achilles tendonitis but retrocalcaneal (heel) bursitis. Heel bursitis is a very painful condition that complicates the treatment of achilles tendonitis. Some of the “quick-fixes” that runners try are heel lifts in the shoe to alleviate achilles tightness, achilles compression wraps, compression socks, new shoes that have an increased heel-toe height ratio and custom orthotics. I have not seen any of these “quick-fixes” for achilles pain work most of the time. The most effective self-help tool I have seen help achilles tendonitis is a proper achilles stretching routine, rest from running and then when pain free instituting an aggressive strengthening program that focuses on the “negative” aspect of a typical calf raise. By performing achilles eccentrics or “negatives” the runner will strengthen their achilles tendons and hopefully preventing future achilles problems. If you have been suffering from heel or ankle pain or have been diagnosed with achilles tendonitis and it is not getting better stop by the San Diego Running Institute.

Our running specialists can provide you with more information on your condition and they may refer you to Dr. Victor Runco. Dr. Runco is a foot/ankle specialist and has helped hundreds of runners and non-runners with chronic achilles tendonitis. If you prefer to just schedule an appointment with Dr. Runco call (858) 268-8525.

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