Dr. Allen please help! Everyday I walk 4 miles to stay healthy but don’t feel like I  have used the proper shoes. In the morning when I wake up there is no pain, when I walk there is no pain. After walking or standing for a period of time I feel burning pain on my heel radiating to my ball and toes. It hurts in certain positions while sitting as well. As soon as there is pressure or weight on my feet the pain gets worse. When I stand or sit my feet turn red. Resting my feet on a bed does not help for this pain and the pain gets worse at night time. I went to a the doctor the other day and she told me that I have Peripheral Neuropathy – but I think her diagnoses are wrong from what I was able to research online.

  • I don’t have Diabetes
    2) I don’t have low levels of vitamin B12 or other vitamins – blood tests were done.
    3) Don’t have any serious diseases – was diagnosed with Degenerative neck disc disease – can my spinal cord cause Peripheral Neuropathy?

Let’s approach this the way a detective would approach a crime.  You said

After walking or standing for a period of time I feel burning pain on my heel radiating to my ball and toes. sitting as well, as soon as there are pressure weight on my feet the pain gets intense. When I stand or sit my feet turns red. Resting my feet on a bed does not help for this pain, pain gets worse at night time.  

What are things that can cause pain in the heel and feet?

  1. Plantar Fasciitis = Should have pain in the morning when getting out of bed that gradually warms up.  You do not have this
  2. Heel Spur Syndrome = Should have pain in the heel region when standing for long periods.  Most people do not describe it as burning and radiating into the ball of the foot and Heel spur Syndrome should not make your feet turn red.
  3. Raynaud’s Disease= Typically affects the hands and feet and results in color changes and pain.  Is more common in women than men and typically begins after the age of 40.
  4. Calcaneal Nerve Entrapment = Is a form of Peripheral Neuropathy.  Normally results in burning pain on the medial side of your ankle and heel and should not radiate to the ball of your foot (the calcaneal nerve does not supply the ball of foot area)
  5. Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome= Entrapment of the Tibial nerve in the Tarsal Tunnel could cause numbness, burning or electrical sensations from the heel to the big toe and ball of your foot.

These are the most common conditions that match your description.  Of these Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome most matches.

Now the real question is…………….Why do you have it?  AND……How do you get rid of it?

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