I have suffered from what I thought had been shin splints for the past 2 years now. I play college soccer and am very active whether its running, lifting weights, or playing soccer. I was in a lot pain all last season. I tried limiting my running though out the summer. I thought rest would heal the issue but I was wrong.  I also got multiple cortisone shots in each leg (inner lower shin bones) before my season started.  I visited an orthopedic specialist who made me custom inserts that I used when running , as well as a  pair of supportive running shoes. It got me through preseason and the beginning games and practices. Once I felt even a little bit of pain I knew that it was just going to get worse like it usually does. The pain started off as about a 3 or 4 where I could feel somethings not right but is not necessarily painful yet. Normally I would stop if I were playing and had felt this. As my season continued– my games are getting more important as it is getting into playoff time. I had iced constantly (before games and practices –as well as on the sidelines during the game) The pain would quickly increase the more I played on it.  I started to feel it ever step I took. At worst, my pain is at a 7 or 8 which is the worst pain I have ever felt. My pain tolerance has become very high as soccer is very important to me and my team needs me throughout the season. This past summer I hardly ran trying to limit any impact hoping it would give my legs time to heal before the next season. I had gotten X-rays done and it showed nothing. Towards the end of the summer I had gotten MRIs done on each leg so I knew I wasn’t running with a stress fracture. The result was there was no fracture and I had bone marrow edema (worse in one leg than the other). In the exact same situation as my older brother who suffered from the same problem, now does not have it anymore. He stretches constantly and had done ankle exercises with bands to strengthen the area which leads me to think if I stick to that it may be my only hope of recovering even a little bit of pain from this. My doctor didn’t recommend me anything specific that I could do to help my situation which was disappointing. I am going into my senior year of college and I have one more season of soccer left, I’m really looking forward to your response and any advice you could give me.

I am sorry to hear about your shin injury.  Bone Marrow Edema of the shins is very serious and debilitating.  The pain is similar to stress fracture and if this is not dealt with will result in the bone fracturing.  The chronic nature of yours indicates that your bone(s) are unable to recover and heal. This could be due to a lack of adequate bone density, mineral malabsorption or some other dietary or even genetic issue (considering your brother had it as well). It is unfortunate how few doctors and therapist out there understand the condition and how to correct it conservatively often not even supplying much help at all. 

Since you do not live in the San Diego Area you have 2 options to address this situation. You can fly to San Diego and do a in person appointment. Or We can do a 30 minute phone Consultation or online Zoom Appointment.  I have been able to help hundreds through the phone consultations, Virtual Zoom appointments and emails but obviously it would be best to see and examine you in person.  After we discuss your injury and determine exactly what is going on with your shins we can develop a treatment plan for you that you can have carried out at a clinic near where you live. If you need my help in locating a PT or Chiropractic clinic that can carry out our treatment protocol (depending on the diagnosis) I would be happy to help you research and find one. Please send me a chronological history anything you tried that helped or hurt.  What you are currently doing, any MRI’s, X-rays etc.   The cost is $244 and is not covered by insurance.  Afterwards I will send you a written treatment plan and any necessary video rehabilitation tutorials. I look forward to helping you resolve this issue. Thanks ~ Dr. Bruce B. Allen DC